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 Events 2016

On 23rd October we did Wantage Autumn Festival, fortunately indoors in a sports centre though we ran the bubble machine outside through a fire door. It was the last event of the 2016 season; it went off very well but I don’t have any pictures.

There was a complete change in the weather for our next event, Reading Town Meal on 1st October. It’s a brilliant event where food grown on allotments and community projects through the year is cooked up and served as a free meal for 1000 people. Unfortunately the timing coincided with arrival of a nasty weather front. The forecast was terrible and it rained during set up and pack down but amazingly the sun came out in the middle.

On 24th September we were at Chadlington Apple Day when the weather was ideal. Our pedal generators and bubble machine made a good contrast to their more traditional activities like apple pressing.

The week after on 4th September some of our volunteers were at Wychwood Forest Fair, no pictures so far.

On 25th August we operated some pedal generators at the RAF Benson Families Day, a large non public event at the Benson helicopter base. There was some delay finding a suitable pitch but by using the van’s wind out awning we were still able to get set up in time.

On 24th July I did a new event for us, Bicester Bike and Family Fun Day in a field at the back of the Leisure Centre. The field was fairly rough and bumpy - it didn’t bother us but can’t have been good for cycling on. We had a good position in between a local scrap store and a Police cycle marking stall. It seemed a nice event but wasn’t all that busy.

On 9th July we were at the WOCA Fun Day on the Botley Road in Oxford. It was our first full sized setup with the new van. Everything fitted in and worked well though the windmill I’d mounted on the back could have done with being a bit more vertical.

At the end of June we did three days plus a couple of assemblies at Khalsa School in Slough. That was meant to have been a Science Week project in March which they managed to recover and just got it in before the end of term.

The next weekend we were at the new Reading Green Fair, operating for this year inside Reading Waterfest. We had a good pitch outside St Laurence’s Church Hall. None of our stall covers are suitable for pitching on paving, but luckily the weather remained good and we didn’t need one.

Due to another bit of ill health, we missed Reading Children’s Festival so the first outdoor event was a really nice sunny one at Headington Festival on 5th June with Cyclox, another cycling promotion organisation. It was another small setup of three generators with a canvas stall cover carried on our handy pedestrian trailer. There wasn’t much wind so we were able to operate an inflatable binliner monster, as well as the ever popular bubble machine and some toy guitars and a keyboard.

2016 didn’t get off to a good start as I had to cancel a big school project due to an injured knee. The first event of the year turned out to be providing three small generators as a sideshow to a Sustrans virtual cycle race to Paris on 18th March at Claycots School in Slough. Most of the action took place on a fleet of exercise bikes lent by a local company, but the excellent Aik Saath multi cultural youth group were also there with an Electric Pedals Power Station sound system and five turbo stand generators.