This Year 2018

This Year 2018

On 10th June we were back at the excellent Green Scythe Fair at Muchelney in Somerset. The weather was brilliant which enhanced the beautiful atmosphere of this event. Apparently its popularity caused some traffic issues in the outside world but we didn’t see any of that from inside.

Just for a change, on 18th to 20th May we provided our bubble machine and some music keyboards as part of a solar demonstration for the R-Eco Co-op at Wood Festival. Unusually we actually had good sun for all three days. Due to running the bubble machine continuously rather than starting and stopping on the pedal generators, we used quite a lot of bubble fluid but paid for it with donations from the phone charging on the other two panels.

On 12th May we were fully back in action with pedal generators at the Farmer Gow’s 10th Anniversary event as well as at Reading Children’s Festival.

So far there aren’t any pictures from the Farmer Gow’s event, but below are the ones from Reading. It was only a small setup of three generators; it went off well but there was some heavy rain during packing down.

On 27th April we did a full day at Feniton C of E Primary School. The weather on the day was terrible but luckily we’d pre booked the school hall. As usual for schools, we can’t show any photos.

The year didn’t get off to a good start with weather and health problems causing cancellations. Our appearance at an Easter event at Farmer Gow’s Activity Farm unfortunately had to be cancelled.