This Year

This Year Events 2017

On 8th July we operated five pedal generators at The West Oxford Community Association Fun Day. I’d just been renovating the Berkshire Greenpeace events gazebo so for a change we tried it out as a cover. Our transparent rain cover is great in overcast weather but tends to turn into a greenhouse if it’s too sunny. The gazebo kept the sun off and made it easier to see the LED displays on our handcrank demos.

Less than a week after our previous event, on 17th June we did a short notice booking for our local Jo Cox Great Get Together. We used a small setup of three pedal generators; it was very sunny and we really needed the canvas shade cover.

On 11th June we were at Green Scythe Fair in Somerset. It’s held at Muchelney in the middle of Somerset Levels; it combines an old scything contest with an excellent small Green Fair including two solar powered music stages and loads of craft stalls and activities. The trouble with taking part in it is I only see it from the inside of the Kidz Area. Pictures start with a view out of the van before the start through a junk sculpture made from a broken gazebo from another site, and then various views of the Kidz Area.

On 13th May we did the first big setup of pedal generators for Reading Council Children’s Festival. Forbury Fiesta in Forbury Gardens in the town centre is a free event featuring lots of practical activities for children and is the launch day of a month of events.

We got a good location in the park with plenty of space. There were no immediate neighbours which meant we could use the pedal powered syn drum to good effect. The kids love it but it doesn’t go down well with anyone next door. There was only a suggestion of a rain shower which didn’t come to anything; it was mostly dry and sunny with enough wind for our windmills. We had a visit from the Mayor and were busy all day; the reason it looks quiet in some of the photos is we didn’t have time to take any when it was full of kids!

For the Reading Climate March on 30th April the day after the national one in London we provided a recently built hand portable turbo stand pedal generator and street PA. It was transported by bus and carried on the march by one or two people. We did quick set ups at five locations for speakers on various topics, powered by the bicycles of march participants.

The new pedal PA which includes two microphone channels and USB sockets for phone charging is now available for other street actions in the local area.

This year had a quieter start than some. On 23rd March we provided a handcrank generator and some table top energy demonstrations for NHS Sustainability Day at Darent Valley Hospital.